Sweet Simple Car Decal

A simple scratch can still produce decal designs are minimalist and sweet if someone has chosen the right colors to use on his favorite car. If you have a computer, then you can experiment with some artistic graffiti that can be used to beautify the appearance of your favorite car without having the real experts in..

Flames Decal with 3 Colors

Flame Decals
Monday, 23 December 2013 10:50:21

Flames Decal with 3 Colors

Flames decal can be made up of several pieces of vinyl that are put together to become a more solid form of flames. In general, flame decals have 2 to 3 colors of vinyl used. Yellow flame decals are usually combined with red and then dark red color can add to the inside of the design.

flaming decalsAs in real flames, at the base has bright colors and covered by a slightly darker color on the outside, or vice versa. So, when the flames are applied on a sticker then a design will have at least 2 to 3 colors at once and may contain more than 3 colors for a more complex design.

Some people also simply choose to add the shadows so that they only use two colors as in the example of flames decal design above, in this case the design of flames only have one color as the main design and the other color only as shadows.

Which design will have a better value? It all depends on each individual or user in question, because whatever their choice, they will assume that it is the best choice.

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