Wrap Decal for Racing Car

In general, wrap stickers can be used for means of advertising and promotion of a company, agency, institution or just a modification to the car. There are several methods to wrap the car with stickers, including the use of digital printing and vinyl cut stickers. However, both methods have a different character..

Car Stripe Decal with Simple Lines

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013 00:27:12

Car Stripe Decal with Simple Lines

In making a car decal design, one must master at least a little to run an image creation software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Start and try to design a minimalist or a simple picture is a very important thing to understand more and more in the end.

flower decals for carsA designer who is an expert would be able to create designs for car decals are simple yet elegant look. Blending several colors as well as require a very high accuracy to produce a fantastic design. All of that is dependent on the talent and hard work of each individual in trying to create, refine, and implement a design in various fields.

A simple stripe will produce a design that is very nice if done carefully as shown above. A long curved lines that cross from front to back. The design has a monochrome color and has a very small degree of difficulty. This is really the design of the decal for a car that looks elegant and professional, although only a fairly simple lines.


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