Sharp Lines Car Vinyl Decal

In modifying the appearance of the car using vinyl sticker (decal) often reflect the personality of the owner of the car itself. Therefore, it would be better if someone took a poll of people or friends who can be trusted to comment on some of the design have been made. Why is that? A good design decal will..

Monochrome Flower Car Decal

Flower Decals
Tuesday, 24 December 2013 01:00:30

Monochrome Flower Car Decal

One can think that in planning to create a floral decal on the car body should consider the colors of vinyl to be used. In actual conditions, a flower will have a gradation of colors and are quite complex. However, in applying the design for the car decals do not have to have the color and tint, quite simply applying a single color or monochrome.

flower decals for carsIn addition to having high artistic value, floral decal designs are very popular because it is always good for any type of vehicles such as buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles and boats, regardless of the color of the paint vehicle.

In general, car floral decals looks complicated, but has an advantage because any minor damage will not be visible. In some cases, matte vinyl is the best choice to get a more artistic look of the car, especially in the application of the abstract black and white.

In some image creation software is usually already available a menu or a tool to make artistic designs like this. Nevertheless, one should try several times to get a good design.

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