Graffiti art to design a car decal

At first, graffiti art on the walls is the use of color composition, line, shape, and volume to write the words, symbols, or a particular sentence. Sometimes a sentence or streaks of a work of art as it can only be understood by certain circles, such as the symbol of a gang or group. Commonly used tools are..

Modified Cars using Tribal Design Decal

Tribal Decals
Sunday, 26 January 2014 11:02:03

Modified Cars using Tribal Design Decal

Circular lines with sharp corners on a car sticker will give the impression that the owners tend or fanatical about something. But, maybe that car owners just want to look cool. Ahh, who said that?

Tribal car decalsActually, tribal design that is used on car stickers have a tendency to be more interesting. That s because the tribal design has lines with sharp corners and striking. Therefore, car owners must have confidence enough to take her away with.

Compare it between tribal design and sticker that has linear lines or simple design. At first glance, your eyes will be more interested in a car with a sticker tribal rather than a car with a sticker linear or simple design. Ohh, do not believe? Please just see for yourself..!

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