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Decal Sticker Design for Car Modification Contest

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Sunday, 02 February 2014 17:09:54

Decal Sticker Design for Car Modification Contest

A designer will spend enough time to make a decal sticker design as part of the modification of the car which is meant for car modification contest. A course designer must have thought sufficient to produce a perfect design and fit the theme of modifications that will be presented.

Car decals graffitiA designer will have pride if the car in question has won the contest modification, even though the car was not hers. Oh, really very sad..! But, no! A designer will be more famous and more popular among car modifiers. A designer will usually be more frequent arrival of job / work to make the car sticker designs other, because they believe that the designer will produce designs that are very satisfying. Well, if it is so then a designer can set aside a portion of income to buy a new car as well. Wow, quite a long but very enjoyable. Hopefully with the new car, the designer will be excited again..!

Then.. Is the design as shown in the figure above meet the criteria of the car modification contest? I do not know, we can only pray that the designer managed to get a new car..


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