Decal Sticker Design for Car Modification Contest

A designer will spend enough time to make a decal sticker design as part of the modification of the car which is meant for car modification contest. A course designer must have thought sufficient to produce a perfect design and fit the theme of modifications that will be presented. A designer will have pride..

Flower Decal Sticker for Car and Motorcycle

Flower Decals
Friday, 07 February 2014 18:56:22

Flower decal sticker for car and motorcycle

Nothing is more beautiful and fresh look when we see that there are flowers on the home page. But what if the flowers grow and spread on the body of the car. Wow, the car will certainly look more beautiful and attractive.

car decal swirlsHowever, the interest spread on a car does not have a fresh fragrance, because the flower is only a design made from vinyl. So how so that the flowers have a fresh scent? Just spray perfume into the design, so the flowers will have an amazing scent.

To do that, you need a serious observation. Do not let someone who is watching your actions. So that no one who says that you are experiencing the craziness or less sane. Therefore, you should use a helmet and visor shut tightly, it is advisable to wear a helmet that has a glass with a dark color. Because, if it turns out there is someone who knows your actions, then you can guess what will happen next? But, do not imitate this scene, because this act is already violating the rules and deviate from the installation procedures flower decal sticker on cars and motorcycle properly.

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