Vehicle Dragon Lion Tribal Decal

A dragon has a very long sizes . A dragon can usually glide over there and to here. But what about this one dragon? A decal sticker design with dragon illustrations that have a lion 's head design is quite unique. Lion dragon decal sticker design would be more suitable if attached to official cars, like wildlife..

Swirls Designs Car Floral Decals

Flower Decals
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 23:07:27

Swirls Designs Car Floral Decals

Simple decal sticker design sometimes requires a fairly broad field. This is caused by the circular lines or a line that curved and widened. Thus, car sticker will spend material (vinyl) very much. Why should create curved lines and circular designs?

Car decals swirl designsAlthough the floral design (swirl) as in the picture above looks very pretty, does not mean flower design can only be used by the women car modifiers. Decal sticker with flower design, floral, or swirly very suitable placed on all types of vehicles including car toys for children.

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