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In general, decal sticker has a resistance to water and sun exposure. The decal sticker is usually made ​​of vinyl plastic with adhesive layer that is strong enough. Even so, you can make yourself a decal sticker for car modification purposes. The basic ingredients needed to make a decal sticker on this..

Dragon Tribal Decals

Tribal Decals
Saturday, 01 March 2014 15:06:14

Dragon tribal decals

Car decal sticker design that resembles a dragon looks more charming with a combination of some interest as dragon feet. This sticker design has a structure or separate parts so that it can use multiple colors at once, and does not require the shadows.

Tribal dragon decalsIf you have difficulty in choosing the color of vinyl (sticker material) which will be used in this design, please use visual aids or commonly referred to as glasses, maybe your eyes are experiencing night blindness, or farsightedness. If the use of glasses does not help, please consult with an ophthalmologist. Ahaa, joke time..

As usual, tribal dragon design as shown above can be used on all types of vehicles such as private cars, taxis, public transit cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, trains, aircraft, submarines, and even a toy cars. This dragon tribal design, it can also be used as a car window decals and wall decals (wall stickers). Please download this design for free, and do not forget to spread this page through your social media networks.

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