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Simple decal sticker design sometimes requires a fairly broad field. This is caused by the circular lines or a line that curved and widened. Thus, car sticker will spend material (vinyl) very much. Why should create curved lines and circular designs? Although the floral design (swirl) as in the picture above..

Classic Graphic Stripe Car Decal

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Sunday, 01 June 2014 01:43:46

Classic Graphic Stripe Car Decal
Very confusing. What is the title or name of the car sticker design as shown in this picture? It is really strange, the designer can draw a design ( making the design ) but do not know what the theme and name for these designs.

Classic Stripe Car DecalWhen viewed from the posture of the body, this is a design that looks like a picture of grass to fall buffeted by strong winds and overlap. If so why not be named Car Decal in the Wind? It looks like, not cool if using that name.

Maybe you would ask. Is it really look cool if the design of such a sticker attached to the car? From the name alone is a car sticker, certainly very fitting that such a sticker affixed to the car. If you do not believe, try to stick this sticker on the shirt and pants, everyone would think that you have the disease insanity. Therefore, make sure that the sticker is only attached to the body of the car, not on your body or on the shirt and pants.

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