Dragon Tribal Decals

Car decal sticker design that resembles a dragon looks more charming with a combination of some interest as dragon feet. This sticker design has a structure or separate parts so that it can use multiple colors at once, and does not require the shadows. If you have difficulty in choosing the color of vinyl..

Tribal Decals

About Us

About Car DecalsThis website is an online application from our portfolio, which provides services for the manufacture of car decals, motorcycle decals and stickers for a wide variety of other vehicles, including the making of campaign stickers, promotional stickers, and other identification stickers for your company.

For now, we only serve locally manufacture stickers, because the cost would be too expensive if it was coupled with postage to the outside area.

However, and therefore, through this site we still will give you a sticker designs for free for your purposes. Please download the format provided. Format of files that can be given to all visitors here are the files in vector format and also thumbnails of our designs in JPG format .

Each file in a vector format that you have downloaded from our site is in EPS 10 Compatible. Vector files can be edited through some software that supports vector format such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

All the designs we provide are royalty-free product, which means you are free to use the sticker designs for various purposes, which is still within the limits that you will not resell the designs which we already provide for free.

We also did not give permission to you to make copies of the design, and or re- post the designs on your web and your blog unless you include the source link to our site. Please you understand the boundaries and we greatly appreciate that you are justified in your actions to defend the copyright of our designers.

The type or design theme that we provide can include flame decal designs, tribal decal designs, flower decal designs, stripe and graffiti designs, and wrap decal designs. You can directly apply any design to your vehicle, or simply as a reference for you to make another sticker design.

Once again, any design we provide is completely free of charge and royalty free with the limits that the file is not for commercial under the law in force in respect of copyright protection of goods and services.

Welcome to download a collection of our best designs, and warm greetings!

Flower Decal Sticker for Car and Motorcycle

Nothing is more beautiful and fresh look when we see that there are flowers..

Decal Sticker Design Shaped Abstract Boxes

Abstract design is a form of design that almost does not resemble the shape..

Vector Formats

Adobe Illustrator 10 EPS Compatible
Car decal sticker square chain designModified Cars using Tribal Design DecalFlame Car Decal 2 LayersMonochrome Flames Car Simple DecalCool flame decals to more amazing carsFlames Decal for Cars and Trucks